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Nelke & the Legendary Alchemist: Table for Cheat Engine v1.01 {zachillios}

Just a few caveats:

1): To update the characters in the editor, change the stats to page 2 and it should refresh (will look into a better way of implementing this later)
2): To get the have all item feature to work, you need to double click the value section and select on for both of them.
3): You only need to select the have items option to on once, after that don't worry about it if it doesn't say on, you're fine.

Update 1: Item editor, fixed some stuff, added more items to the have lots of items pointer, etc.

Update 2: Added no building restrictions, highlighted requests, and max approval.

Update 3: Added Synthesis Cost restriction removal, and disable item consumption script.

Update 4: Table updated for patch/new dlc.


Author: zachillios

The source of information - Nelke & the Legendary Alchemist

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