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Nexomon: Extinction - Table for Cheat Engine +12 v1.0 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite HP
Your Nexomon HP won't decrease. (To enable, double click the value and change Disabled to Enabled)

- Infinite ST
Your Nexomon ST won't decrease. (To enable, double click the value and change Disabled to Enabled)

- One Hit Kill
All enemies will die with 1 hit. Even if they blocked it, they will still die. (To enable, double click the value and change Disabled to Enabled)

- Experience Multiplier
All experience will be multiplied by the number of your choice. Default value is 1.

- Get Current Battle Settings
Get some settings of your current battle, like choosing if you can escape, capture the nexomon and a few more.

- Get Currencies
Get Coins, Diamonds and Tokens, and set them to whatever you want. (To use it, double click the value and change it accordingly to what you want to do. Get Currencies to get the current amount you have, or Set Currencies to set the current amount to what you chose.)

- Change Player Body
Change the current player body to any other character. Most are not fully animated in terms of movement, so the ones that are, will have [ANIMATED] next to their names. Also, this is REALLY glitchy, and it can mess up other character sprites if you change body lots of times on the same map, but a restart fixes it. Enable the 'Use this body everywhere' script so the body won't change back to the original one on map change.

- Teleport To Map
Teleport to other maps from the game. I haven't tested out every single map. I'm aware the some can freeze the game, making that if you have auto-save, your game won't load. To fix that, restart the game, enable the 'Fix Save' script, and when you load the save, you'll appear on the orphanage room.

- Remove Player Collision
The player won't have collision, so you'll be able to go through walls, and pretty much everything.

- Free Crafting
Core crafting will be free, you won't need any crystals to craft them. I'm not aware of any other kind of crafting in the game, so if there is, it may work for it too.

- Insta Capture Nexomon
Instantly capture Nexomons when pressing the capture key. No need for Nexotraps, no need for anything. Press it, and it will instantly show you that it has been captured.

- Get/Set First Nexomon Stats
Get and Set the stats of your first Nexomon in the team. That being Level/HP/ST/Attack/Defense/Speed/EXP/Skills... (To use it, double click the value from 'SET CHANGES', choose 'Get Stats', and then get in the Team menu. Once you do that, the stats will show. Edit them to whatever you like, set the value to 'Set Stats', and then go back to the menu, and then back into the team menu. And all stats will be set. As for skills, you don't need to do that, just change them and they will be automatically changed in the game.)

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Nexomon: Extinction

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i cannot activate the main one i cant check it
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Same thing here diggly diggly.

<<Error in line 139 (call AIBot.MyCurrentUnit) :This instruction can't be compiled>>
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I am having the same problem.Anyone got a solution yet?
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please fix your thing so we all can use it