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Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) Edit 15.1 {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Pox911's Equipment Editor
Multiply Effects of Status Up Items (Enable Before Loading Save Game)
Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Multiplier, Hero Damage Multiplier, HeroCannotDie)
Healing Modifier
Infinite MP
Weapon Zing Max on Hit
Infinite Skirmish Might
Infinite Item Usage/Set Minimum Amount On Use/Discard
Infinite Kings Guilders/KG Multiplier
Complete Research Instantly
Maximum Stored KG Per Addition
Instant Citizen Maximum EXP Bar (If Working Facility)
Get Store Items Instantly
Highlighted Citizen Editor
EXP Multiplier
Highlighted Character Stat Editor
Shop Override
Extra Event Override When Completing Quests (Citizens)
Pointers to Guilders, King Guilders, Tactical Tweaker Levels, Seconds Between Stored KG Additions

I will work on other things as I have time.

I found EXP Multiplier and Weapon Zing Max On Hit and a Pointer to Guilders in this update.

I found an Infinite Item Usage/Set Minimum Item Amt in this update. Also attempted to fix One Hit Kill, but I'm not sure the problem as things were working okay for me. Now, it takes off the remaining amount of HP instead of fixed large amount.

Found the issue with Hero vs Enemy calculation. I believe God Mode and Hero Damage Multiplier should work as intended now with party members.

EDIT 3.25:
My previous fix didn't fix the issue totally. I'm trying again. It's sometimes hard to pin down something that determines enemy vs hero party throughout the game. I will continue to test as I play, but let me know of issues. I'm removing EDIT 3.

EDIT 3.5:
I think I have a fix for some people's issues with God Mode. I believe it has to do with CE doing 14 byte jumps due to memory issues. Anyway, I've coded the options to account for 14 byte jumps and see if this works better for everyone.

Before I play some more to unlock other things, I came up with Highlighted Character Stat Editor. You view the character in the Equipment & Stats menu after enabling and you can change both Base and Bonus stats. Perhaps Bonus will make it easier because that might save between loads better, but I haven't tested much with that. I also made EXP Multiplier a float, so you can set it to like 0.5 to give yourself half EXP, etc.

Finally got to Kingdom Building. Just few options added for that. Infinite KG, KG Multiplier and Research Completed Instantly. Thanks to qweasdxcz17 for the offsets to Kings Guilders and Tokens of Gratitude. I put pointers in for those also.

EDIT 5.5:
I couldn't find much with Battle Points, but found the Pointers to the Tactical Tweaker options in the process of searching. You can manually set the levels or reset the levels to your liking. Battle Points seem calculated from the levels of the Tweaker.

EDIT 5.75:
Only thing I can come up with for now to help with Requirements for Kingdom Building Research is a Large Building IQ option. It makes the building think there is high IQ. You can research things fine as long as there are no other requirements missing like a specific citizen ability.

I have some things dealing with Shop Items, but need the community's help gathering the names of items. I pulled in list of valid item ID's and they are stored in the table. There are 1499 items.

You Enable the Shop Option and buy an item. Hotkey is currently set to Numpad 1 that updates the shop with the next item. You just have to rehover over the item to update the name of it in the game. So with this, I believe you can buy any item, but I need help figuring out what item id goes with what name. Feel free to put your findings in the google doc.

EDIT 6.5:
Big thanks to Pox911 and Hylianz who helped come up with a good drop down list for items. I have them ready in this update for use in the Shop Override. You choose and item and buy something and you get what you choose instead of what is listed.

Thanks to everyone for helping with items. I figured out a way to get all 1500 items names with some LUA code and timers. This has more items than the list Pox came up with. There were handful of invalid items in my big list of supposedly valid item id's, but there are still over 1400++ items. In this update, I have an alternate list of items to select via drop down. They are not sorted very nicely, but you can type the name of what you want I think. I left in my code that helped me pull and print the names in the LUA dialog, but it's for testing purposes only. Use the one that's not labelled testing. For those that need an easy way to get all items, for now I put the script that updates items on a timer and it checks every time you buy something normally (without an Override Item ID), it will update to the next ID. I tested just repeat buying an item and it changed every time. Anyway, I've updated the spreadsheet first sheet with the names I found.

EDIT 7.5:
Okay. Some say the Shop Override is hard to use, so I tried making it easier and added some options to get all items, consumables, or materials. I hope this works better for everyone. I took out some of the extra test Shop Override options also and rearranged the big drop down. So, in Shop Override, you can buy one item you specify by choosing it in the drop down and making sure no Buy All Item's options are turned on. If you want to buy all items, just turn ONE of those options on and buy an item. You can technically get all items, but it immediately asked me to discard some melee weapons and ranged weapons as you can only hold 300 of each at start of Kingdom Building. Anyway, I hope this appeals to everyone complaining about the options. Enjoy!

I found time to work on more things with the table. I fixed Infinite Item Usage in Battle. I put in a Healing Modifier option that effects when Hero or Enemy are healed. I put in Infinite Skirmish Might for Skills and Replenishing Troops. I merged in Pox911's option for editing equipment. Enjoy!

EDIT 8.5:
To help with character stats resetting upon loading, I found where the game keeps track of how many status up items you used for the character and added that to the Highlighted Character Editor. They are bytes though, so only go up to 255. The game reads from this upon loading a save game and puts the information in the bonus stat area. I also came up with an option that multiplies the effect of these status up items but you must enable before loading a save game. It can effectively give you high stats that save between loading save games as long as you remember to enable the option before loading said save game. It has everything but MP. Enjoy!

Came up with some options for Kingdom Building. One is Maximum Stored KG Per Addition which just sets the maximum amount of stored KG every time it adds some. I found the pointer that controls the number of seconds between additions to stored KG. I also came up with a Highlighted Citizen Editor that lets you edit some basic stats of the citizen you are viewing. Enjoy!

EDIT 9.5:
Minor Update with drop down's for both Pox911's Equipment Editor thanks to HylianZ and drop down's for abilities of citizen's under the Citizen Editor. It appears characters can use either Ability 1 ID or Ability 2 ID but not both.

EDIT 10:
From my research the game loads up the stats of citizens when you first start the game and doesn't change it afterward. To help with this, I put in a Citizen Stat Multiplier with a default of 5 that multiplies the stats of citizens when you view them for the first time (It remembers what it did, so as long as you don't disable the first Enable, it will remember and not do it again). If you want a different multiplier, remember to set it before you start viewing the citizens. I set a default if zero to 50 and also made it to set that all citizens you update with the code know every type. You just enable the Highlighted Citizen Editor and view your citizens when first starting the game to update them. Hope that helps.

EDIT 10.25:
Someone requested an All Trip Doors. I found the option, but I advise caution in going places you are not supposed to be at that point in the story. I'm sure it will mess up things, so use at your own risk. It's an option in the Pointers section. Just some LUA code that sets the trip door flags.

EDIT 10.5:
I found Instant EXP Bar for Citizens (If Working At Facility) and Instant Store Items by request. Enjoy!

EDIT 10.75:
I found an issue with the Citizen Stat Muliplier that wasn't setting everyone to know everything depending on their level (Beginner, Veteran, Master). I fixed this in this update. I'm not sure if I will do anything else, but enjoy the table!

EDIT 11:
I decided to try for one more option. I found the place where events are executed after completing a quest and this is where Citizen's can get added to your kingdom. I put in an option for you to add an extra event of your choosing, so you can add a specific member when completing another citizen adding quest. I also put in the option to add all citizen's when you complete a citizen adding quest. I tested both options and both appear to work without issues, but I'm not sure if having all citizen's before you are supposed to will cause issues elsewhere. Anyway, I know it works on quests that add citizen's, but not sure if just other quests. I found 1040 valid event type id's that can be set, but didn't bother figuring out all of them. I just figured out the citizen id's. Enjoy!

EDIT 11.5:
Quest Items were in the same area around where Citizen's are added. In this update I have an Extra Quest Item Override option that you can specify either one of the available quest items to receive also when completing a quest or all of them. For some reason, key items like costumes are tied to something specific and won't add even with this option. All I do is call the same function in a loop, so not sure what else it is doing to really add the costumes when you do complete a costume quest. Anyway, there are plenty of other items it does add. Enjoy! I also added in the Pink Orbs pointer from Onine in the pointers section.

EDIT 11.75:
I had the wrong order of offsets for the Pink Orbs pointer by Onine. It is changed in this update.

EDIT 12:
Put in a Always Zero Higgledy Cost by request. I didn't have enough higgledies to test going over 10, but I believe you can with this option. Improved Pox911's Equipment Editor for the CODEX release (modified it to account for 14 byte jmps). I'm removing EDIT 11.75, but that change is still in this update.

EDIT 12.5:
The Pink Orb pointer was working for me after my previous fix (Made By Onine), but I went ahead and came up with a Max Pink Orbs on Pickup option also. It should in theory work on every dungeon. I'm removing EDIT 12, but the changes still stand.

EDIT 13:
Enable All Trip Doors now activates all the ones I found and gives you Evermore instead of Kingdom Come. The previous version was missing a few trip doors. Still use at your own risk as going places you have not been will cause issues.

EDIT 14:
Fixed most things for the update around April 21, 2018. Only thing not fixed is Always Zero Higgledy Cost and Pox911's Equipment Editor.

EDIT 14.5:
I found time to update Pox911's Equipment Editor for the new patch and put in Anacra's updated options with it. Enjoy! I'm removing EDIT 14 but this verssion still has those updates.

EDIT 15:
Update 1.3 rolled out and I needed to update the table. Fixed everything again except for No Higgledy Cost. Update was around June 22,2018.

EDIT 15.1:
Thanks to ajip2, I was able to update Zero Higgledy Cost again.


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