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Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}


  • Pointers
    • Party (You can change your Servan at an Interaction and then interact, but it may show the wrong effects. Skills will sometimes change and sometimes won't, but the effects will usually be wrong. The model animation may be correct. (So you might dash while showing a freeze breath effect.))
    • Resources/Points
    • Days/Moons/Playthroughs
    • Aluche stats (not all values found. Missing Ability addresses for Aluche, Ability values, and costume values)
    • (The address for the first Lily/Servan/Item are in pointers, but I have removed the address needed to select them)
    • Hunt Scripts
    • Faster Combos
    • Min Hunt Time
    • Fast Double Chase
    • Enable Burst
    • No MP Use
    • Experimental inf Aluche/Lily HP
  • Faster Resource Scripts
    • Blood Multiplier
    • Libra Multiplier
    • Lily Exp Multiplier
  • Other Scripts
    • Set Max Days Passed (Experimental)
    • Free Shop Items on Purchase
    • Free Servan Upgrades (Requires sufficient Servan Points)
    • Free Abilities
    • Lily Finder (Not all values for abilities found)
    • Servan Finder
    • Selected Equipment Finder (All items are in the same pool regardless of type, so be careful of adding key items as you can only remove key items by using the manual finder (you'll need to reactivate it) or by starting a new game+.)

Author: anon9

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