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Nights of Azure: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}

Table by TheByteSize. Updated by anon-9.

Updated Blood script (should be working now)
Updated Pointers/Addresses so that they should work now. (Including servant stats editing). (Some stats still not known/found).
Replaced Max SP with No SP Usage
Replaced Servant Finding script with slightly faster script (You will still need to wait a little until the address updates).
Added several Addresses.
Rearranged table.
Added item types and addresses. (Equipment added to dropdown and stats added. Some key items added, but they should not be used.)
Changed ability dropdowns to references to save space. (Reduce filesize)

Author: anon9

The source of information - Nights of Azure

DOWNLOAD (10.9 Kb) 2021-May-01

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