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Nioh 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.26 {Arikado}


BEFORE USING "Benevolent Grave's gauge can't be increased" SCRIPT
If you using my [Script v1.8.1+] only that don't worry, it is no problem.

Zero Ninjutsu/Onmyo Magic Cost:
Don't go negative by unreadying, game will crash. better use the 'unready all'

No Glory Cost for Teahouse Purchases:
This script attempts to ignore Glory for purchases.
This will make all items cost 1 Glory for purchase reasons,
but will not deduct Glory.

Player Model Changer:
You can go to Hut to Force Visually Update Change your appearance,
or just swap weapon in battlefield.

Author: Arikado

The source of information - Nioh 2

DOWNLOAD (79.7 Kb) 2021-Feb-27

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