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Nioh 2: Table for Cheat Engine (skill points) {Master_Builder}

Here's a script to get all the skill points (spent & capacities).

There's three capacity polls it pulls from and I don't know why or what affects them but there you go.
There's also room for 5 unused skill trees.

Just open the in-game menu to update the base ptr.

Edit ANY of these and you get kicked to the title screen.
Get past the intro, to where you see your char sleeping, and before pressing continue.
Now edit it again. Don't alter the base capacity thing. Multiple things use it.
Now press continue. The values should stick.

If you only change capacity, you may find it reset and you have extra skills again on reloading the game.
Edit the capacity again, save your build, reset the skill tree in the dojo, restore your build. Now it should 'stick' through game reloads.

Author: Master_Builder

The source of information - Nioh 2

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