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Nioh 2: Table for Cheat Engine {SinGul4ritY}


Default Options (edit to your needs and safe table)


- Character Stats

- Common stats

- The Underworld

- Gameplay Record

Remove LOADING and Difficulty Checks for Levels

Remove Special Effect Max Constraints (Sanity Checks)

Special Effect Strength Enforcer

Focus Levels

- Total Focus Level Limit

- No Amrita Needed To Focus Level

- Remove Max Cap Per Focus

Optional Use

Change Item to Drop into

Player Model Changer

Benevolent Grave's gauge can't be increased

No Glory Cost for Teahouse Purchases

No Amrita Needed To Level

Ignore Skill Unlock Conditions

Get Skill Prts (Open the target skill tree.)

Amrita multiplier

Equipment stats editor

GodMode / No Hit

Damage Multiplier and Reduction

Inf Buff

Inf Shotcut Item

Infinite Anima

Infinite Ki

Inf Prestige Points

Infinite Yokai shift duraiton

Max Drop Rate/ Item Rarity

Max Yokai Shift Gauge

Set item quantity

Yokai Shift Instant Cooldown

Zero Ninjutsu/Onmyo Magic Cost

Familiarity multiplier

Inf Glory

Proficiency multiplier

Zero Equipment Weight

Author: SinGul4ritY

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