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Nioh: Complete Edition - Table for Cheat Engine v1.21.05 {DemonicSpell}

I've tested the options and most of them work, it seems like the base address of the character changed though and the offsets changed a bit. I'm currently trying to update, but I'm mostly new to this, If I do update then I'll upload an updated one. If someone beats me to it please upload the updated one.

Edit 2: Found base character address, it shifted a bit it is now nioh.exe+20df660

Instructions: only thing you really need to know is open CE and launch the game, load the table and attach to the process "Nioh.exe", load into a new game or load a saved game and after the game is fully loaded then start checking boxes in the cheat table.

Note: There is 1 required option named "Enable Me First" and that must be enabled first before checking any other options (it is under the "Nioh Complete Edition 1.21.05" option, which is just a vanity option to make the table look cleaner). I put my recommended and favorite cheats under the "Enable Me First" option for convenience.

Author: DemonicSpell

The source of information - Nioh

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how the equipment/item mod table work? it said hover over but it do nothing