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No Man's Sky: Origins - Table for Cheat Engine {YoucefHam}

-Updated Table to File Version 497.0.0.0 (Next Generation Update)

-Changed All script to AoBScan, so We don't need to update the Table all the time.
-Added "Jet Power tweaks"
-Fix I Splited the Build/Craft/Repair no requirement Scripts, so if one stopped, you can use the others.
-Fix for the Items Name with numbers in "Get Inventory List (Open Inventory First)".

-Added "Jet Power tweeks"
-Fix the "Hazard Protection"
-Added "Never Wanted"
-Added "Copy Instaled Technology when Moving it" Enjoy Bugamashoo
-Added "Refiner dont consume Items"
-Added "Instant Refinery"
-Added "Bypass Attlass Remembers"
-Added "Build Anywhere" (From Squall8 Table)
-Added Real names for Items in "Get Inventory List (Open Inventory First)"
-Added "Teleportation" (Use Marker)

-Fix Craft/Build/Repair/Bypass no requirement (Now All in one script)
-Added Invetory Size Unlocker / Class Changer (Open Inventory First)
-Added Get State List Ship/Multitool/Frieghter (Open Inventory First)

-Update Table after 36MB update

-Added Inf Player Health
-Added Inf Player Shield
-Added Inf Player Hazard Protection
-Added Stack technology
-Added Invetory Size Unlocker
-Added Inf Ship Health
-Added Inf Ship Shield

-Added "Battery Inf Power" Enjoy DoomPuppy

-Updated "List of Items".
-Fix Item "Type". (Thanks Hadrix)
-Added "Craft a Stack".
-Fix "Gathering Multiplier".
-Added "'Compact View Mode' or 'Full View Mode'" For better view

-Added "Get Inventory List (Open Inventory First)".

Author: YoucefHam

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