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No Man's Sky: Table for Cheat Engine {dinoid9985}


1- Frigate edition Tip: Instant expeditions. ( Put 2 frigates in a mission, set each with 50% on the last editing option).
2- Inventory slot edition About: Increase slots in Exosuit, Spaceship and in Cargo Ship.
3- Build Anywhere
4- Milestones editor
5- Stats editor(Can change Spaceship Hyperdrive, Multitool Damage, Freighter Hyperdrive, etc

Recomendations: Use this CT in combination with the trainer! This trainer is absolutely essential because there's a lot of functions like Infinite life support and hazard support, no/minimum crafting requirements(THAT WILL MAKE CRAFTING FREE AND BUILDING A LOT EASIER BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED ONLY 1 OF EACH MATERIAL!!!)

Author: dinoid9985

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