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Noita: Table for Cheat Engine + Perk Spawn Mod {cfemen}


Regenerate HP:

God Mode
-no damage or damage effects - you cant die

Full Health
-Health will be filled at max, you can still die on some special enemys or too much damage

One Hit Kill

Inf Ammo

Inf Mana

Instant Recharge

Inf. Levitate

Inf Potion

Gold Heals

-activate script and set amount
-gold now heals on pickup
-default heal amount is 5

Gold Pointer

Ignore Gold

-you can buy anything regardless of your gold amount

Free Perk Roll
-you can roll as often you want the perks in the tempel

Status. Mod
-Give Status

activate and choose a status effect from the list, you can select more than 1
you may have to gain 1 effect first before the custom change gets accepted(e.g touch water, hurt yourself to blood)
status effects that uses a transform will reset the "had a effect" status and you need to trigger it again.
-Remove All Status Effects
removes every status effect except the choosen ones from Give Status

Debug Flag

[HotKey F1]
it activates "edit wands everywhere"
and you have a big list of spells now in inventory
equip spells with doubleclick

Toggle Fog
as title says [HotKey F3]

Perk Spawn Mod:

copy the Perk Spawn folder into Noita\mods
launch the game and activate the "CFE - Perk Spawner" mod
start a new game and now almost every perk will spawn.

note : if you pickup a perk then ALL perks will disappear!
save the game and load the savegame = all perks will spawn again

or you can use the Return Key - Respawn Perks [Debug] script - press return(2 times) and all perks will respawn at the player position

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Noita

DOWNLOAD (9.4 Kb) 2020-Jun-03
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