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One Step From Eden: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}

This is a small mini table I made for OSFE (2020-08-01). The game hasn't been patched since 2020-04-15 so not expecting any new patches for a while, but this table should be easy enough for people to update if a patch happens. I haven't bothered with shuffle or mana and I am not going to bother making a ohko script. I could potentially make a 1 hp version later.

  • No health loss (this version also affects gain).
  • Faster Money
  • No Money Loss
  • No Upgrades usage
  • No Remove usage.


No health loss script notes:

This script attempts to find the current character and turn them invincible. Allow yourself to be hit, then turn off Check Current Character. This will lock invincibility to the last character that took damage.

Basically, as long as Check Current Character is on, all characters will be invincible as the game will still be searching for the target to make invincible (You can use this to make hostages invincible, but this version of the script only allows one target at a time to be invincible).

Author: anon9

The source of information - One Step From Eden

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