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Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - Table for Cheat Engine +16 {kemenner}

I made my own table and wanted to share it too. I used mono for this one. It has pretty much every pointer I could find.

Pointers for:

- Death counter (# of deaths)
- Game time (can be modified at will)
- Game difficulty control (you can change the current difficulty with any of the available ones). For example, you can play the game all the way before the final sequence in hard, and then change the difficulty to One Death in order to get the achievement for beating the game in One Death.
- Pointers related to all the achievements (like counters for kills and collected stuff)
- Pointers to the player structure and stuff contained in it, like player abilities, flame rate of fire, flame damage, jumps, double jumps, etc.

Feel free to mess around and experiment. For example, just before beating the game, you can modify the game time, the death counter and remove the abilities you have, this way you can get all the achievements that involve beating the game a certain way.

The table also contains cheats for:

- No damage (you can take damage but your health won't decrease)
- Energy won't decrease
- Invincibility (you don't take damage at all, you can stand on insta-kill spikes and get hit by insta-kill beams without dying)
- Rapid fire
- Multiple single jumps and multiple double jumps. Both work for the same thing but achieve it in a different way. With the last one you can double jump without stopping and with the first one you can perform the normal jump without stopping, thus it can be used from the beginning.


Author: kemenner

The source of information - Ori and the Blind Forest

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