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Outward: Table for Cheat Engine {aSwedishMagyar}

Made a table for Outward a while back but since I downloaded CE 7.1 mono has become available again in it and I decided to have another go at it. Has a bunch of player pointers as well as a ton of script options. I used this as practice for getting familiar with lua scripting and as a result I have a cool way of getting the player pointer with a breakpoint instead of code injection. It also will remove the breakpoint and deactivate itself when it grabs a new address, so if you move to another save, just re-enable it and it will pick up the new base. Feel free to ask questions or give advice on best practices when it comes to lua since I'm hoping to become better at it. (P.S. it is 1.5 MB because I included the player structure so if you want to add more pointers you can just get the base and paste it into the dissect structures address box in brackets)

Author: aSwedishMagyar

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