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Overload: Table for Cheat Engine v1880 {Csimbi}

Here's the table I quickly put together.
The scripts are not merged.
Infinite Energy; just blatantly writes 100 constantly
Infinite Armour; just blatantly writes 100 constantly
Refire Time Decay mod; Increasing the decay rate speeds up the primary weapon (the wait time between shots is less).
Pointers to Upgrade Points, Super Upgrade points and XP (pointer is grabber when the weapon is fired).

Mind you, the devs included anti-cheat code (to detect speedhack, timer hacks, code modification, modifications to protected values, etc.).
That means these scripts WILL trigger the anti-cheat code, and as such, prevent completing achievements on Steam in single player.
I did not bother finding out what these anti-cheat code snippets do in multiplayer as it's a no-no on most forums anyway.

You could try energy and armour scripts with newer versions, the pointers will surely break (you could try adjusting them on your own).

Author: Csimbi

The source of information - Overload

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