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Oxygen Not Included: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

A few words on those scripts:
- aobCellMassGrabber; for devs only. It gives you the visual pointer for a cell you clicked (which, in turn can be used to track down the actual grid in the cell later - the grid is a massive array).
- Diable CE HotKeys LUA script; disables CE's hotkeys. Not specific to this game, I just like to disable hotkeys in some CE instances when I play multiple games so the hotkeys don't interfere with the games I want to leave alone.
- aobAttributeGenerator; enable and your newly created duplicants' random stats will be generated from a much bigger pool.
- aobXPCalc; enable and duplicants assigned to jobs gain job-related experience faster.
- aobManualGeneratorTick enable to make manual generators super efficient (you can recharge massive battery arrays in just a few secs).
- aobAIAmountUpdater; this is comparable to pox991's vital stat script; in general, it keeps a bunch of duplicant vitals up so you can focus on base building instead of people management.
- aobDebugKeyTester; enable this to enable debug mode/keys.
- aobMeteorBombardmentToggle; enable this to have no meteor showers.
- aobOverCalc*; there are two of these. One is for machinery overheat and the other is for electric wire overload - these scripts prevent damage for either one. The thing is the code is identical in both functions so you never know which one you enable  Enable both for best effect.

Note: most scripts you can enable after you loaded a save, except the last two. These two need the game running a bit (so a machine or a wire does get damage).


Author: Csimbi

The source of information - Oxygen Not Included

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