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Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory - Table for Cheat Engine {dddokter}

Ok, so made my first cheat table.

So once i done with making the table i thought others might find this handy as well.

Hope everyone will enjoy using it!
Table contents:
Health & Stamina
Ability uses left
Credits - free to change to any number you want
Bytecoins - ^
Nanobots - ^ (max 99)
Inventory (well ammo amount in gun and cooldown for main player character)
(try setting the cooldown to 0 and freeze ammo amount  )

(Main player character)
Main stats:
Health & Stamina
Clearance level (drop-down menu)

All skills can be set to desired amount

Movement speed (practically toggle - walk or run)
Unlock doors (can't seem to walk through)
Invincibility toggle

Treason score
Current treason mode

(Inventory value editor) - mouse hover over items in inventory
Current value of item
Max value of item (so the item doesn't disappear once you change the value)

(Unlimited hacking time) - will have to open hack and make at least one mistake to be able to turn on

Author: dddokter

The source of information - Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

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