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Persona 4 Golden: Table for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Script for Infinite Yen/Yen Multiplier
Script for Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc)
Script for Infinite SP
Script for Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Amount On Use/Sell
Script for Allies Always In Guard State
Script for Persona Minimum Stat Up
Script for Always Able To Pick 6 Cards Shuffle Time
Script for Always Get 6 Cards During Shuffle Time
Script for 100% Item Drop
Script for Have 12 (Maximum) Persona Slots Available
Script for Can Fuse Persona Regardless of Level
Script for Allies Have All Passive Skills (Mainly HP,SP,Auto-Status and Victory Cry)
Script for All Inactive Persona Have Growth 3 Skill And Growth 3 EXP Multiplier
Script for Always Critical
Script for Status Up Multiplier
Script for Social Link Progress Multiplier
Script for Freeze Time
Script for Getting A Specific Achievement When Fusing Persona
Script for Inventory Options (Adding a Specific Item or Adding All Items of Specific Type To Your Inventory)
Pointers to Main Character HP,SP
Pointers to Yosuke HP, SP
Pointers to Chie HP,SP
Pointers to Yukiko HP, SP
Pointer to Yen
Pointers to Status (Courage, Diligence, Knowledge, Understanding, Expression)
Pointers to Trophy Tracking

Author: DrummerIX

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