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Persona 4 Golden: Table for Cheat Engine {zachillios}

Will add more as I progress through the game. Lastly IF YOU USE THE HAVE ALL ITEMS OPTION THAT INCLUDES KEY ITEMS. Backup your saves, and if you only want a couple select items just use the save editor. Please let me know if anything isn't working.

Update 1: Finished all the values for the Persona editor. Added a time modifier as well as a social link editor. Be careful with both of these, and remember to backup your saves. I'll add more Social Links when I unlock them. Also allowed user input for the social stats.

Update 2: Fixed Have All Items to no longer include key items. Should be perfectly safe to use now. Redid Social Links so they should display properly. The way they work is you pick an ID for their slot, then you can go in and mess with the rank and progress on that same slot number. Filled in a couple sneaky skill ids. Added a target scanner option for combat. This allows you scan not only your party member's health, but the health of the enemy as well. Added a "Have Most Persona In Compedium" option. This places all (I think all of them) of the legit Personas into the compendium. Debug and party members' personas can only be acquired through the Persona editor.
Hotfix: Fixed a few things and changed the Have All Items option to not affect your key items in any way. Please download this so you don't lose anything important.

Update 3): Added a "Edit NPC Persona" option, this is made specifically for them, so if even this isn't working on your party members I'm not sure what to tell you. Tested it on various save files and it's working across the map. Additionally added the missing values to the persona editors.

Update 4): Found a few more debug ids and added them to the persona editor. Added an in dungeon party editor so you can restore your health and sp in dungeons without wasting items. Added a party member editor so you can any member at any time (if you want Naoto or Teddy early, you can do so with this.).

Update 5): I fixed the Main Character's EXP value, you can now edit it as high as you'd like. Additionally I added the ability to change your menu style either from the default to a more simple style (Note: Do not change this until you're in the game, it crashes if you try it at the title screen. Be careful with this.) I think this is going to be my last update to the table for now. Can't think of anything else I'd like to add. Will keep it updated through patches.
Hotfix: Fixed an issue with some of the byte types in certain scripts. Added a "Can Always Fish" option which basically allows you to (on days you're able) to fish indefinitely with no cap. It doesn't just allow you to fish whenever.

Update 6): Made some changes to the time editor, you can now alter the next time frame after you do an activity. So for example: If you wanted it to revert to after school after you ate at Aiya, you could change it Evening and freeze it, then you should load back into school after finishing eating. Like all previous warnings, be careful when you use this. Easiest way to do it is to freeze them all when you get to the point in time you want. Also added Infinite SP out of combat so you can heal in dungeons easier. Also added the address for the amount of chests you've opened to help make getting the reaper easier.

Update 7): Table updated for version 1.1.

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