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Persona 5 Strikers: Table for Cheat Engine {DhaosCollider}


  • Required that you use Cheat Engine 7.1 or later because of "registersymbol" and "label" now support multiple definitions in one line.
  • Continue updating this post until I'm satisfied with the functionality of the table.
  • Whether I can meet your demands depends on my free time, my mood, and the difficulty of coding.
  • I created a table on legit Steam version.
    If your game executable is a cracked version, you can not use the Get item scripts. (Checked for execute file cracked by ElAmigos)
    There is nothing I can do about them.
  • Unless you have received a Request reward, disabling "Request already completed" will return it to unfinished.
  • "Forced registration for Persona in Compendium" allows you to buy Persona that you haven't got yet.
    However, it depends on the level of the hero.

Author: DhaosCollider

The source of information - Persona 5 Strikers

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