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Pharaoh & Cleopatra: Table for Cheat Engine v0.3 GOG {CompactDisc}

Table Extension for Pharaoh & Cleopatra - GOG.com

This table is an attempt to add even more replayability to an old game.
Feel free to leave any feedback.


Edit amount of money (Both city and dynasty)

Disable building fire/collapse

Super desirability for gardens

Fast/instant production of goods

Infinite goods traded

Feature wishlist:

Make gods happy all the time

Always have employee access in buildings (without nearby housing needed)

Immortal armies and ships (Delayed due to technicalities)

Fill houses, bazaars, storage yards, granaries with goods

Unlock disabled buildings in any scenario (This might be impossible)


2018/01/16 - Release


Author: CompactDisc

The source of information - Pharaoh & Cleopatra

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