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Phasmophobia: Table for Cheat Engine v0.176.39 {jjcho849}


Infinite Salt

Infinite Pictures

Money & EXP Hook

Player Coordinates Hook (save and load coordinates cheat inside)

Hoop Score Hook

Sanity Hook

Force Hunt Hook

Instructions For Money/EXP:

check the box for the money/exp hook and 2 entries will appear then go to item store in the game and then immediately back to main menu and the money/exp entries will populate then just change them to whatever you want!

Instructions For Player Coordinates:

check the box for player coords and you will see xyz coords and save/load coords cheats just press f2 to save your position then press f3 to teleport to saved position (this can be used to teleport to the truck or ghost room to save some time).

Instructions For Hoop Score:

check the box for hoop score hook and an entry will appear for the score value then leave the whiteboard and go to the basketball hoop and score a point then go back to cheat engine and you will see the score value populate then just change to whatever you want!

Instructions For Sanity:

check the box for sanity hook when in a game and then open front door of the location and the insanity level entry will populate then change it to whatever you want! high number = less sanity and low number = more sanity

Instructions For Force Hunt:

check box for force hunt hook then then press F4 to start hunt and press F5 to stop the hunt if it doesn't stop on its own.

Author: jjcho849

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