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Plague Inc. Evolved: Table for Cheat Engine (steam AOB) {jgoemat}

Uses aobscan to find code so might work after game updates...

You might have to wait until you've started a game and clicked on a country to select it (so it shows at the bottom of the screen), then enable the two blue scripts "Select Country" and "EvoPointes (DiseaseData)". Then you can enable the four CHEATs and see points to the main DiseaseData structure and the LocalDisease structure for the selected country with all kinds of interesting fields.

* CHEAT: Infect countries you select - when you click on a country that has no infected, it will soon have 100 infected. Great for those games where airports are shut down 
* CHEAT: Disable Cure - don't worry about them finding a cure, it resets research to 0
* CHEAT: Always have at least 500 EvoPoints - Should let you buy whatever mutations you want
* CHEAT: Hyper Infective - dials up the infection rate in all areas (hot/cold, rural/urban, wealthy/poor, humid/arid, land/air/sea transmission)


Author: jgoemat

The source of information - Plague Inc. Evolved

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