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Planet Explorers: Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.4 {OhHeyItsLee}

I've created my own table, as basic as it is, for Planet Explorers since it seems that nobody will continue to keep the currently available tables/trainers updated.

It appears as though the pointers have stopped working during my time playing. I have a hunch that stat-boosting equipment is the cause. I'm investigating it now.

IMPORTANT: Only attach the game's process to Cheat Engine when you've fully loaded into your saved game. Attaching the process whilst in the main menu will prevent the game from recognizing the pointers/addresses.

CTRL + Num 1: Freeze health at 10,000
CTRL + Num 2: Freeze stamina at 10,000

The reason for settings health to 10,000 is to prevent difficult enemies from still killing you if they hit you for more than your current maximum health.

As for stamina, I think there are ways to increase maximum stamina (i.e. equipment buffs), so I've set it to 10,000 to prevent others who, like myself, would find it extremely annoying and OCD-triggering to potentially see a partially filled stamina bar at all times.

Since I've finally learned how to find pointers in games (Planet Explorers was a particularly stubborn game to try learning with) I may add options for hunger, comfort, etc. if anyone would like that.

Author: OhHeyItsLee

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