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Plants Vs Zombies: Table for Cheat Engine {TheInsaneHacker}


- Auto Collect Sun and Coins
- Infinite sun
- Instant recharge
- Invincible plants
- Place anywhere
- Hit anywhere (very rare)
- Hungry Chompers
- No Zombies (Zombies cannot spawn)
- Instant Activate Potato Mine
- Disable Cooldown for Cob Cannon
- Disable/Heal Ground Damage
- Disable Magnet-shroom Cooldown
- Infinite lawnmowers
- Plants Don't get more Expensive in Endless Mode
- One hit kill all zombies
- Slow bullets
- Unhittable zombies
- High gravity bullets
- Plants shoot backwards
- Freeze bullets
- Infinite coins
- Infinite chocolate
- Infinite tree of wisdom fertilizer
- Speedhack (4x slower), lets you slow down the game (with hotkeys)
- Speedhack (5x faster), lets you speed up the game (with hotkeys)

Author: TheInsaneHacker

The source of information - Plants Vs Zombies

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