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Port Royale 4: Table for Cheat Engine v1.5.0.19260 {Recifense}


 - Minimum Money                  [1]

 - Minimum Ship Speed             [2]

 - God Mode (Attrition: HP)       [3]

 - God Mode (Combat: HP/Sailors)  [3a]

 - Some Pointers                  [4]

[1] Player's money will not go under minimum (7000000);

[2] Player's ships' base speed will be set 30 knots at the movement start;

[3] Player's ships' Health will not decrease (by attrition);

[3] Player's ships' Health and Sailors will not decrease during battles;

[4] Used at the table;


1) Run CE70 or greater;

2) Run Game;

3) Load the game process "PortRoyale4.exe" in CE;

4) Load this table;

5) Activate the main script (in blue) by checking/clicking its box [X];

6) Now Activate the script of each cheat

Author: Recifense

The source of information - Port Royale 4

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