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Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator - Table for Cheat Engine (Steam Demo) {Oridjinn}

Hey all! I liked the look of this demo, and thought it looked pretty neat! Coins and stuff are pretty easy to find (just search for the value), but the items can be a little more annoying (they tend to change a lot, and it's a little out of my depth at the moment to figure out how to deal with that...) Think I found a good address for it though, just have to activate the AOB, wait for it to load, then left click + drag and release something in your inventory, dissect the address that it populates, then find out what addresses the instruction accesses. From there, you just have to click+drag pretty much anything in your inventory, and it'll give you a list of all the items currently in your inventory.

Author: Oridjinn

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