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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 3: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Cheat options:

Infinite Health for Player 1,2 & 3 *Hotkey included*
(Works in Story, Arcade and VS mode)
In story mode you need to watch the health, because it shares the health of other rangers or villains - Only way is to turn if off and use infinite power to beat them.
In Arcade and VS mode, it is very straight forward. You just need to turn on and play. Recommend to turn on before the fight though. Works well here.

Infinite Power *Hotkey included*
Infinite Ultra *Hotkey included*
Health pointers *Hotkey included*
Power meter pointers *Hotkey included*
Ultra meter pointers *Hotkey included*

Note: This game is to be played Offline ONLY. You cannot go online with the "PLAZA" version of course. However, it may work on steam versions as well. So, this table may or may not work for you. If it didn't detect the pointer address the first time, try exiting and restarting the game. Hopefully it works for you. Enjoy!!

Author: ndck76

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