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Praey For The Gods: Table for Cheat Engine v0.5.130 {jjcho849}


Infinite Stamina

Infinite Health

infinite Arrows

Infinite Durability All Weapons And Grapple

Never Cold

Never Tired

Never Hungry/Totem Hook (Checking the box activates never hungry and also opens totem hacks)

Walk Underwater

Gravity Hook (checking the box opens gravity boolean. hotkeys set to 1 turns value to 0 and 2 puts it back to 1. Press 1 key above letter Q on keyboard after jumping to keep floating up!)

Free Crafting (you can upgrade clothing and sail cloth without required items)

Sail Cloth Hook (opens options to change speed values and counteract gravity aka stay in the air longer)

Jump Hook (opens options to change jump height on land and in water)

Author: jjcho849

The source of information - Praey For The Gods

DOWNLOAD (44.1 Kb) 2021-Feb-21

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