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Princess Maker 5: Table for Cheat Engine {rayze}

So I just got into the whole Princess Maker series and ended up buying all of them on Steam. Was looking for cheat tables when I realized there's none for the latest PM5. So I decided to try to make one (I'm a total newbie to dynamic address, though) and after (unsuccessfully) trying to find the base addresses with pointer scan, I noticed that the base addresses are almost the same except the third and fourth value.

For example:
--> Base address for Intelligence stat when I first played: 0C14AEA4.
--> Base address for the same stat after I restarted the game: 0C2DAEA4.

So basically, the base addresses mainly consists of three parts:
--> OC + XX (which changes everytime you restart the game but is the same for every stat) + YYYY (different for every stat but is always the same even if you restart the game)

For now I can only make a simple cheat table that you have to change every time you restart the game (troublesome, I know). Just pick one of the stat and try to find the base address, and then after you find out the values (XX in my example) you need to change all of the addresses manually (or at least the ones you want to modify). Also, I haven't added some Skills stats (like Fencing, Magic, and Mania) simply because I haven't encountered the events that enable them. Will update this post once I do.

For the Skills stats, DO NOT set it to be higher than 9990. Just set them to that number and wait until you level up, repeat until you reach Level 10. (STOP modifying the stats once you reach the max level - level 10.)

As for the Hidden stats, to be able to see them in-game you have to visit the Fortune Teller and ask for "Personality Diagnosis." Also, if you have negative stats, you will see the value as '4294961736' instead.

Well, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to inform me (or maybe suggest better cheat table? Lol.)

EDIT: You will see Abilities (999), Skills (99), and Personalities (100). The values indicated the max value in each stats - so for Abilities, make sure you don't set it higher than 99900 - Skills max of 9900 - Personalities 9900. For the Hidden stats I haven't confirmed it yet but I think the max is also 100 - same as Personalities.


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