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Psychonauts: Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.603.0 {VampTY}

There's only one option and also has a hotkey in order to use it:
F1 [On/Off] Health

INFO: 3-4 more options in the near future will be added (will take a lot to play this game), not so many since the game is very easy, so far only this single option i've added, it's locked on 3 brains as life and also allows increasing (due to the fact that i don't know the maximum of health, yet, i haven't played much, only left the game idling).I hope the pointer works also for you, i have 4 more as backup, part of 4 map searching on multiple levels for pointers on high levels, just in case..but so far is working ok.

Author: VampTY

The source of information - Psychonauts

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