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QuestRun: Table for Cheat Engine {SilverRabbit90}


- Gold (Active at main menu and go in Shop for become reach)

IMPORTANT -Deactivate at the BEFORE finish each battle if you don't want crushes-

- Script - O Hp for All (Active after entered a battle, first enemies have normal life, those after will have 0 Hp)

- Script - Much Hp on Heal (You must heal somebody for active this cheat, after activated the cheat and healing again someone tries to heal again for a lot of HP)

- Script - Charge special Bar (You must make at least one attack to activate this chaeat)

- Script - Fast atack (You must be in battle for active) (Crush Often)

- Script - Fast atack after charged attack bar (You must be in battle for active) (Crush Often)

Author: SilverRabbit90

The source of information - QuestRun

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