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RAGE: Table for Cheat Engine +9 Steam v1.0.0.1 {VampTY}

There are 9 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

num 1 Unlimited Life
num 2 Unlimited Ammo, Items (Player, Cars)
num 3 Unlimited Shield (Cars)
num 4 Unlimited Shield (Jetter) 
num 5 Unlimited Nitro (Cars, Jetter)
num 6 Bash TV (Phase Money)
num 7 Race (Rocket Rally Points) 
num 8 Winstick Mastery (Score Points)
num 9 Winstick Mastery (Timer Freeze)

Details :

num 1 Life for the main game and for all 3 dlc games (Anarchy, Scorcers, Rage sewers) 
num 2 Ammo, items, money, race certificates, HE Grenades etc 
num 3 Rat Rod, Monarch, Cuprino, Dune Buster - deactivate if you'll use Jetter 
num 4 Jetter is fun also to ride it - deactivate if you'll use any car 
num 5 Nitro boost won't deplete for either Jetter or any of those cars
num 6 In this show, phase money are multiplied by 1000
num 7 These are those races where you need to score 50 points, not anymore, just destroy one car or catch a rally point, instant win!
num 8 More points, more fun, your score hit is multiplied by 1000
num 9 Freeze/Unfreeze the time to aim and score, take your time! 

Author: VampTY

The source of information - RAGE

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