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Railroad Tycoon 3: Table for Cheat Engine {dryamsha}

Small table for RAILROAD TYCOON 3....game version is 1.06.
For the table to work as needed, please enter in game cheats. For this press "." button and enter the cheat that is required.
Options in the table include:
Gives your company 1.5 billion (DEACTIVATE AFTER USING) >>> enable this option, enter the cheat "subsidy" in game...deactivate after using.
Gives your player 200 million (DEACTIVATE AFTER USING) >>>> enable this option, enter the cheat "fat cat" in game...deactivate after using.
Buying shares for free >>>> buying shares in opposing company is free.
Your player money increases, opponent decreases >>>>> this helps when you have to eliminate opposing player.

Author: dryamsha

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