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Rebel Inc: Escalation - Table for Cheat Engine v0.6.0 {The Mogician}

Pointer Table for:
-Corruption risk and corruption level
-National Army Power
-Regional Pointers for: support population, neutral population and hostile population. You have to select a region to populate these pointers.

Updated to Update 0.5.8 (Black Caves) and 0.6.0 (the 0.5.8 Table works on 0.6.0)

F2: Show me the money: adds 100000 to the treasury
F3: Eliminate bureaucracy: no corruption, ever
F4: Run over corrupt officials with a tank: eliminate corruption, temporarily
F5: And they shall know no fear: Turn your national army into super soldiers
F6: Fill the area with my bots: adds up to 100000 of your bots (supporters) in the selected region
F7: Love me or perish: Kill all neutrals and hostiles in the selected region

Author: The Mogician

The source of information - Rebel Inc: Escalation

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