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ReCore: Definitive Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}

all misc cheats for now.
it's been a few years already, there's no rush I believe....
also, as the request I got is for the disable camera helper on the CODEX version, have no idea if it would work on the latest Steam patch. may get the game on Steam later when I have time to play the game...

inf. air jump
- as title suggests, allows you to do as many air jump as you want.

inf. air dash
- allows you to do as many mid-air dashes as you want.

continuous dash
- allows you to dash (ground or mid-air) indefinitely for each "dash session".
- doing a big turning would still break the dash.

no dash cooldown
- allows you to dash (ground or mid-air) again immediately after the previous "dash session".

disable camera helper
- why the PC version didn't have the option to turn it on/off already on release is beyond me...
- when activated, the follow cam won't rotate/tilt automatically when you're are moving. should be useful if you're (re)playing with keyboard and mouse.

move speed mod keys
- allows you to hold one of the 2 specified keys to manipulate the move speed.
- by script default, hold CapsLock key to walk, Alt key to walk even slower.
- keys and speeds can be changed by editing the respective entries.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - ReCore: Definitive Edition

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