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Reigns: Table for Cheat Engine {Gyde}

This table lets you change/freeze your ReligionPeopleArmy and Money.

How to use:
- After opening Reigns, select it in processes.
- Click on File > Load and choose "Reigns2020.CT" from your downloads.
- Start a life and you can then change the values of the 4 stats. You can also freeze the stats so they do not go up or down, to do this, simply click on the boxes beside the respective stat you want to freezeDo not start a new life with the boxes checked, this will hang your game.

Note: You can still die to in-game events (ei. Getting kidnapped and drowning, hunting accidents, old age, let doctor test poisons, ect.)

This is my first time creating a cheat engine table, so do let me know if something is not working/could be improved.
Author: Gyde

The source of information - Reigns

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