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Resident Evil 2 "1-Shot Demo" - Table for Cheat Engine +5 {Cielos}

made some simple scripts for the demo. basically just a test run on how the basic stuff works this time so that I can make the basic cheats faster when the full game is out and can actually play the game asap.
all scripts have NO aob scans, I'm expecting to re-tracing them from scratch for the full game anyway....
wondering how the anti-cheat/anti-temper would be this time..... hoping there won't be too much hassles like RE7.... 

if in doubt, read the descriptions first!

- health still drop when being bitten until it reaches red (danger~), but you won't die.

no reload
- you can always fire guns regardless of the current ammo clip you have.
- ammo still drop until it reaches zero when fired.
- REMEMBER to turn off the "Auto-reload" in the "Options>Controls" menu first.
- don't de-activate the blank-named child script, leave it alone!

ignore ammo pouch
- you can reload your guns without any ammo pouch in your inventory.
- ammo pouches you brought with you will still be decreased until they disappear when you reload the guns.
- don't de-activate the blank-named child script, leave it alone!

max knife duration
- knife duration would stay max when you counter a zombie bite with the combat knife. just remember to retrieve the knife from the downed zombie afterwards~

lock game time
- remaining play time will be locked at 30.00


Author: Cielos

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