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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Table for Cheat Engine {kennean}

Hi, last time that Capcom/Steam released a denuvoless .exe, I've updated the table made by Cielos to work, although I couldn't make the character change script to work perfectly...
So, using that table, I've updated the scripts again, but, I won't have much time nor do I possess the skills to make everything working.. But as far as I've tested Inf Health, Inf Ammo, Damage Multiplier, etc. do work. Others can be enabled, but didn't have time to test them... And, like last time, I couldn't update the character change script perfectly, so if you want that option, you have to wait for Cielos to update his table!
I've merged some other codes from gir489, jim2point0 and SunBeam.

Author: kennean


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