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Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo - Table for Cheat Engine +12 {Cielos}


- health still drop but you won't die.
- default min health allowed: 360
- note that if min health is <= 360, although zombies' killing bite won't be triggered as the game intended, you could still be killed by Nemesis' one-hit-kill grab when in danger health status. may look into it when the game is released. in the meant time, if you don't want to take the risk, you can raise the value to >= 360, or just use perfect dodge mod together.

no reload
- DISABLE auto-reload in the game option menu first!
- allows you to fire the gun without any ammo clip.
- ammo clip still decrease until it reaches zero.

ignore ammo pouch
- allows you to reload your gun without any ammo pouch.

perfect dodge mod
- when activated, allows you to trigger perfect dodge automatically without the need to actually use the in-game dodge key, base on the setting of these 4 elements, chance triggerhealth status triggerkey trigger. and controller trigger.
- perfect dodge won't be triggered properly when you are RUNNING, instead you'd simply ignore the intended damage.
chance trigger:
-- when an enemy attack connects, a perfect dodge has a chance to be triggered automatically by this value.
-- value is in %, value lower than 0 would be treated as 0, and value greater than 100 would be treated as 100. default: 50%.
-- setting this to 100 means a perfect dodge would always be triggered automatically when an enemy attack connects, even if the other 2 elements' settings aren't met.
health status trigger:
-- when an enemy attack connects, a perfect dodge would be triggered automatically if you're in that status, even if the other 2 elements' settings aren't met.
-- value can be changed between disabledcaution (amber), and danger (red). default: danger.
key trigger:
-- if you're holding this key, when an enemy attack connects, a perfect dodge would be triggered automatically, even if the other 2 elements' settings aren't met.
-- key can be changed by choosing from the entry's drop-down-list. default: SPACEBAR.
-- when a zombie grabs you, as long as you're holding the specified key during the struggle, the zombie bites won't hurt you at all.
-- it's advised to use the same key as your in-game dodge key, this way, aside from holding the key when you're surrounded by a crowd of zombies, you can do some easier perfect dodge when you're dealing with some lone zombies. that is, if you dodge too soon, just keep holding the key and you can still do a perfect dodge when the attack connect; if you dodge too late, you can, again, just keep holding the key and the zombie won't hurt you during the grab.
controller trigger:
-- same as key trigger except it's for controller.

slow walk key
- of course it's the first thing I made... allows you to walk slower depends on which of the specified keys you're holding.
- by script defult, hold CapsLock key to walk slower, hold Alt key to walk even slower. both the keys and the speeds can be changed via the entries.

slow motion (speedhack)
- just using CE's speedhack to manipulate the game speed by holding the specified keys or controller button.
- by script default, when activated, hold Mouse X1 Button and Mouse Right Button (i.e. hold Mouse X1 Button when aiming) would enter slow-motion by using CE's speedhack.
- also, you can hold Left Trigger on your controller to enter slow motion as well.
- you can change the key combinations and the speed after you activated the script.

universal item key
- allows you to interact with world objects with any item from your inventory.
- for example, cut any chains with your knife.
- press and hold CapsLock key (or the key you specified) when clicking on the item in the inv AND when clicking on the USE option.
- you can also use a specified controller button as well.
- should not be used on world objects that allows multiple items (e.g., dark room, multi-items puzzle, etc).

hide weapon upgrade appearance
- when activated, allows you to HIDE appearance change of some of the weapon's upgrade.
- it only covers 1 weapon's upgrade appearance for now, which is G19's Dot Sight.
- choose the value of an upgrade to "hide" to hide the appearance change of that upgrade, while the installed upgrade would still have its effect intact. e.g., you have Dot Sight installed for G19 Hanggun, activate the script, set the value of "Dot Sight" to "hide". back to the game and switch out and in to G19 or just fire/reload the G19 once, an you'll see the Dot Sight appearance is gone visually, but you still can see the dot at the centre of your aim.

highlighted item
- you can change item type and quantity of the highlighted item in your backpack.
- if you want to change something to a weapon:
-- 1. you need to place it in the storage box and take it out before you can actually use it. best way to do is to place an item into the box, highlight said item in the box, change that item to the weapon you want, then take it out.
-- 2. you need to give the correct ammo type to the gun first. e.g., if you created the "CBQR Assault Rifle", change the ammo type to "Assault Rifle Ammo".
- if it's a weapon, item id would be 0x00000000. if it's not a weapon, weapon id would be 0xffffffff. both can be set via the drop-down-list.
- don't freeze the values, unless you know what you are doing..
- if you are new to CE, REMEMBER you don't need to freeze the value (i.e., put a tick in the box in front of the address) if you just want to edit the value.
- *** some item IDs are just left over from the RE2, using them may crash the game or generate some unknown item, didn't really test them out. I'll compile the correct list once the full game is out, or when you share more.

follow cam mod
- when activated, allows you to manipulate the camera distance when you're not aiming and the aiming distance offset.
- by script default, the camera would be a little bit further back than the game's default when you're not aiming, the aiming camera distance won't be changed.
- you can change them via the entries if you don't like my settings.

zombie full fps
- when activated, all enemies would have the max fixed fps, instead of varying fps depends on distance (?).
- it may impact performance, depends on your system.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City

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