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Resident Evil Resistance: Table for Cheat Engine {jjcho849}


Free Equipment Chest

Free Cosmetic Chest

Find Price (direct access to cosmetic chest price if the above code messes up)

Edit: Just added "Find RP" to the table so now you can finally hack your actual RP!!!! I found a way to bring back the good old RP hack!!! Just follow the instructions below for "Find RP".

Edit: Alright guys I found a way to make RP store items free!!

Edit: Refined the store hacks so its working better and easier!

Instructions for find price:

If the regular code didn't work just check the box for find price and click to buy and then cancel it and look at the cheat table and you should see the 50000
just set it to 0.

Author: jjcho849

The source of information - Resident Evil Resistance

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turned on the unlimited ammo and bullets where not registering?
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This table needs to be updated or removed. It no longer functions after the latest update.