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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Table for Cheat Engine v1.32 {VampTY}

Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Colt
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] FG42
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Flamethrower
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Luger
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Mauser Rifle Scoped/Mauser Rifle Unscoped
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] MP40
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Panzerfaust
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Snooper Rifle
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Sten
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Tesla Gun
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Thompson
Campaign [Ammo/Reload Off] Venom Gun
Campaign [Ammo/Reload On] Colt/Thompson
Campaign [Ammo/Reload On] FG42/Mauser Rifle Scoped/Mauser Rifle Unscoped
Campaign [Ammo/Reload On] Luger/MP 40/Sten
Campaign [Ammo/Reload On] Snooper Rifle
Campaign [Ammo/Reload On] Venom Gun
Campaign [Overheat] Sten
Campaign [Overheat] Venom Gun
Campaign [Player] Armor
Campaign [Player] Health
Campaign [Player] Stamina
Campaign [Throwables] Dynamite
Campaign [Throwables] MK 2 Defensive
Campaign [Throwables] Model 24 Stielhandgranate
Game [Speed] Fast
Game [Speed] Slow

Author: VampTY

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