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Rimworld: Table for Cheat Engine V1.0.2282 {Mezspirit}

It works with mods from what I have done and tested. Make sure your Cheat Engine's settings has Debugger set to windows debugger to activate Mono Features.

Under: "Edit -> Settings -> Debugger Options -> Debugger method -> Use windows debugger"

Then select and start the process, Mono should appear, click on it and activate "Activate mono feature".

Max Skills:
Click on a pawn you want first, and then activate the script. Beware that it affects other pawns you don't control too. So once you have a selected a pawn and the code takes affect, deactivate the script and then deselect the pawn by clicking on empty space.

Item Select:
Click on an item that can stack or has life or quality to it, and then activate it.

Quality Pointer:
Click on an item or furniture that has a qualify modifier (awful - legendary) to it, and then activate it.

I'm not very experienced and might not be interested in adding more to table. Good Luck, have fun.

Author: Mezspirit

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