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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Table for Cheat Engine {btmp}


Difficulty (Does not need to be enabled and will NOT enable all sub options.)
Allow AutoAim on ANY Difficulty *Only works for controllers!
Allow Health Regen in Combat on ANY Difficulty
Allow Saves on Extreme Survivor

Health (Enable this for sub-options here to function, also enables them by default)
Allow Instant Death for Lara Falling, Traps, etc...can save some time when you are going to be stuck reloading anyway when you fall off the map
Infinite for Lara
Quick Kill Mobs If you're more interested exploring or getting on with the story this ones for you.

Misc (Does not need to be enabled and will NOT enable sub options.)
Alter Survival Instincts Keeps stuff highlighted after moving. This games version of highlighting isn't as refined as SotTR was so this might end up be annoying!
Materials Open Map > Resources to retrieve all currently enabled types, eg if you don't have access to oil yet this still won't retrieve the address =(
Ignore Material Requirements Craft even if you don't have the required materials
No Ammo / Inventory Reductions
No Reload / Infinite Clip Without the No Ammo option above this will still reduce your total ammo but not your clip
Skillpoints (Does not need to be enabled and it will NOT enable any sub options.)
99 Sets Skillpoints high once you try to spend some
0 Clears Skillpoints when you try to spend some

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