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Risen 3: Enhanced Edition - Table for Cheat Engine v3.0.30.0 Steam {sortajan}

Fortunately almost all of the interesting values are a set distance away from health. So if this table breaks, all you have to do if find health (or create a pointer if you feel like it), replace my Health pointer with that address, and the whole list beneath it will work perfectly. So this table will never not work as long as you can find Health yourself.

Table includes Health, Glory, Soul (alignment), all stats skills, and a toggle for the in-game debug mode.

Debug mode hotkeys are in Table Extras (little button in the bottom-right corner). To be honest, it's not very useful for cheating. I just use it for free camera (CTRL+INS) and teleport to camera (CTRL+PGUP). Gives you a janky fly mode.

Author: sortajan

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