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Risk of Rain 2: Table for Cheat Engine {PeaceBeUponYou}


  • Instant Teleporter Charge | Teleporter charges instantly.
  • No Buy Cost | All costs (of all chests/shrines/terminals or whatever) are set to 0
  • Hijack: Radar Scanner | Specifically related to my personal favorite equipment the Radar Scanner, allows you to set value before scanning the map.


  • Almost all the stuff related to player is included in pointers section, the scripts are just some extra entries to make life easier. 
  • Most of the pointers related to the player stat are pretty self explanatory e.g.
    • To get invincibility you can simply use the <godMode>k__BackingField pointer (set and freeze it to 1) in <healthComponent>k__BackingField section. Alternatively, you can always modify health, barrier and shield etc.
    • To get immunity you can use isBoss in _master section.
    • You can edit money, lunar coins, basic health, speed, acceleration, damage, heath regen speed, luck, level and a lot of other things.
    • Pointers in the <modelLocator>k__BackingField, allows you to manipulate gravity, hence handy in flying. You can also use coordinates (UP-DOWN) along with it for proper flying.
  • You can set Whatever Item/Equipment you want to how much you want

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