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River City Girls: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- stamina still drop until it's emptied when being bit, but you won't die.

inf. recruit health
- recruit's health will be set to 3.

auto block
- as title suggests, you don't need to hold the block key to block in-coming attacks.
- you'd auto block all attacks (normal attacks, item attacks, and block-breaking attacks) to your face or from behind, when you're stunned, and when you're attacking.

- every successful block would be count as a well timed parry, i.e., you don't need to block right before an attack lend on you to trigger the parry.

stun damage multiplier
- you can stun an enemy easier with this script activated.
- stun damage multiplier can be changed via the entry x?. default: x3, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.

ignore special bar
- you can always execute special moves regardless of your current special bar.
- special bar will still be depleted until it's emptied when you use special moves.

ignore money
- allows you to buy/learn stuffs in store/dojo without any money.
- money would still be decreased until it reaches zero when you buy/learn stuffs.

ignore recruit cooldown
- the cooldown would still appear after every time you call a recruit, but you can actually call the recruit again during the cooldown.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - River City Girls

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