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Road Home: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Health & OHK *Hotkey Included* (Need to get hit first, then activate this cheat. Will not work on all enemies. If you a have problem with the character dying, use the editor)
Time Set to 0 *Hotkey Included* (Set the timer to 0)
100k Coins *Hotkey Included* (Collect some coins and activate the cheat)
100k Gems *Hotkey Included* (Collect a gem and activate the cheat)
Infinite Consumables/Items (I think this can be activated immediately. If not, use an item and activate it)
Individual Consumables/Items (Same as the above except separated individually. Some items are shared. I.E. If you selected bombs in your inventory and activate the cheat. It will come out as stones instead. So you need to deactivate the cheat for the bombs to be selected. If you are confused, just use the script that I have compiled above)

Health Editor (Need to get hit first, then activate this script)
Coins Editor (Collect some coins and activate the script)
Gems Editor (Collect a gem and activate the script)

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Road Home

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