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Rocket League: Table for Cheat Engine v1.78 {ndck76}

999 Goals per shot (both you and opponent) You can deactivate it if your score first or later, which ever comes first.

Exhibition & Season mode
- Edit your goal score as well as your opponent. I have divided to sections to make it easier for you. (I.E. Select your corresponding color, If you are using Orange, use Orange and vise versa)

Important note for Exhibition & Season match.
Let's say you are losing the game with You (3) & your opponent (5). So you edit your scores to (20) and lets say the "amended" final score is 20 - 5, however in the final real scores will be displayed as 3 - 5. You will still win the game because it will refer to the 20 - 5 score. The same goes for your opponent goal score, i think. You can also refer the "amended" score in the Season main menu.

Author: ndck76

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